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“What the caterpillar calls the end,
the rest of the world calls a butterfly”

(Lao Tzu)



About Us

People are at the heart of our work.

Our firm specialises in Family Law, International Family Law, Collaborative Law, Human Rights, Juvenile Law, Juvenile Criminal Law, International Child Abduction, Inheritance and Donation Law and Immigration Law.

Besides our main offices in Milan, we have branches in Varese, Bologna and Rome. Thanks to a network of many professionals, we work across Italy and abroad.

To us, assisting our clients starts right from reconstructing their personal background through keen and expert listening, advising on how to address conflict, finding the best goal to be achieved together and pursuing it tenaciously hand in hand.

Besides identifying the goal, we also define the path to follow together with the client. We do this by sharing work goals and methods with the aim of finding the best solution to the problem at hand, contemplating both judicial and extra-judicial solutions to the problem no matter how challenging.



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After completing her classical studies, Avv. Maria Grazia Di Nella graduated in law from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. After a first university specialisation course at Bocconi University, she took a second specialisation course at AIAF and a third one at Scuola Superiore di Counselling del Centro Berne in 2011, at the end of which she obtained a Family Counselling diploma. A Collaborative Attorney registered at the Milan Bar Association, Maria Grazia Di Nella is a member of the “SOS Villaggi dei Bambini Onlus” Scientific Committee, a registered member of Associazione Camera Minorile di Milano (Milan Juvenile Chamber Association), a member of AIAF (Italian Association of Family and Juvenile Attorneys), a member of AIADC (Italian Association of Collaborative Law Attorneys), a member of IACP ( International Academy of Collaborative Professionals) and a member of ICALI (International Child Abduction Lawyers Italy) and a registered-member of lawyers specialising in legal counselling for women victims of violence (BURL i.e. the Official Bulletin of the Lombardy Region – Ordinary Series n° 46 17.11.2016). She holds training and specialisation courses for professional associations and private entities. She acts as administrator ad litem/guardian for minors on appointment by law authorities as well as trustee appointed by public and private organisations. Her expertise in various fields, her experience over the years, her constant strive to keep up with the times and her personal drive are her strong points. This helps her understand the client to the utmost, find the right path, support the client and encourage conduct useful towards handling the problem and conflict at hand consciously.


After her classical studies at Liceo Classico Carducci in Milano, Alice Di Lallo graduated with full marks in Law from Università degli Studi di Milano in June 2011, defending a law thesis on the European Union entitled “La libertà religiosa in Europa” i.e. Freedom of religion in Europe. Having always been keen on human rights, after an experience at Prefettura di Milano – Sportello Unico dell’Immigrazione, she started her legal practice at Studio Legale Di Nells before joining the Milan Bar Association in October 2014. She practices civil law, mainly Italian and transnational family law, human rights law, juvenile law and immigration law. Since 2011, she has been collaborating with the online law magazine Diritto&Giustizia, Published by Giuffrè, where she publishes notes addressing family law and inheritance rulings. In addition, since 2018 she has been publishing notes on rulings on the online portal ilfamiliarista.it, Published by Giuffrè. Over the years, she has taken several courses on human rights and international family law. She is a member of AIAF (Italian Association of Family and Juvenile Attorneys). She holds training and specialisation courses for professional associations and private organisations, also taking part in school projects addressing social and civil matters. Ever keen on matters pertaining to violence on women, internationally recognised as one of the forms of violation of human and fundamental rights, Alice is a legal volunteer and counsellor at Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate di Milano (a Milan-based home for women victims of abuse).


After her studies at Liceo Classico Salvatore Quasimodo in Magenta, Maria Zaccara obtained her Masters Degree in Law with full marks from Università degli Studi di Milano in 2014, defending a thesis on criminal law and juvenile criminal law, analysing “Perdono Giudiziale, i.e. Conditional youth pardon”. She subsequently attended a specialisation course entitled “Corso di perfezionamento in Giustizia penale minorile: il minore autore di reato” i.e. Specialisation course in juvenile criminal law: juvenile law offenders” at Università degli Studi di Milano. Given her interest for human rights, juvenile law and family law, she started her law practice in this Firm in April 2014 before joining the Milan Bar Association in 2018. She is currently taking a refresher course on family law and protection of minors.


After graduating from the Leonardo Da Vinci Scientific High School in Reggio Calabria, she obtained a master’s degree in law with honors from the University of Parma in 2016, with a thesis in administrative law.
Subsequently, he carried out the internship pursuant to art. 73 of Legislative Decree 79/2013 at the Juvenile Court of Milan where he cultivated his interest in matters of the law of the person, of minors and of the family. From May 2018 he began the path of forensic practice at this Firm.
Since November 2019 he has obtained the title of lawyer and today belongs to the Court of Milan.


Cecilia Gaudenzi graduated with full marks in Law from Università degli Studi di Milano in 2017, defending a thesis on cyberlaw, analysing “Responsabilità dei Portali Web e il fenomeno delle fake news” i.e. Liabilities of Web Portals and the fake news phenomenon. Given her interest for human rights, juvenile law and family law right from the start of her university studies, she began her law practice in this Firm in April 2017.



Italian Family Law

As a firm, we strive to protect people in their innermost bonds, i.e. family relationships, by offering expert and up to date advice to the family in its broadest sense.

International Family Law

At our firm we offer legal assistance pertaining to events entailing elements beyond the laws of Italy, offering legal counsel before supranational courts. Particularly keen on international child abduction, we offer specific assistance aimed at obtaining immediate restoration of custody of minors transferred or withheld by one parent in another Country as compared to the current country of residence.

Family Assets Law

We offer legal advice pertaining to all property ownership relationships arising from cohabitation, marriage, civil partnership, family relationships and parental relationships. 

Juvenile Law

We offer legal advice on all matters pertaining to the Juvenile Court.

Inheritance and Donation Law

We offer legal advice pertaining to post mortem inheritance as well as planning and management of family property during lifetime, also in collaboration with public notary firms.

Human Rights

We offer protection to persons unable to temporarily or permanently, partly or fully tend to their interests, assist persons whose rights have been violated to obtain compensation for damages and help those in need of credit collection actions.

Immigration Law


Our uniqueness


“We are tightrope walkers suspended on the rope of our existence. We remain in precarious equilibrium sustaining the pole of the two opposite counterweights of the soul: heart and reason”


“Stay hungry, stay foolish”
(Steve Jobs)


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


“It is when you dream that you conceive extraordinary things, it is when you believe that you really create, and it is only then that your soul overcomes the barriers of the possible”
(Walter Bonatti)


“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”
(Mother Teresa)



Maria Grazia Di Nella is a founder member of Network Orange Table Professional Network – a team of professionals with various professional skills and striving towards offering integrated multi-expertise legal advice – with offices in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Bari and Lugano.

Furthermore, the Network relies on the constant and expert collaboration of family counsellors, humanistic counsellors, psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychiatrists, medicolegal consultants, pedagogist, public notaries, art appraisers, real estate appraisers and calligraphy experts, private social workers, parenting coordinators.






A great attention and care for my case. A big thank you to all the Di Nella Law Firm”